Mind Vision Enterprises is a Consultancy Firm in existence for about fifteen years and has its offices at 225-226/C-7, S.D.A., New Delhi-110 016, Ph. No. 011 26526243, 26564955; 09811078599 and G-144 B, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon-122017, Haryana. It has had empanelment with Doordarshan (Indian Television). It is empanelled with Directorate of Audio Visual Publicity (D.A.V.P) & National Films development Corporation (N.F.D.C.), Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India. 

It is managed by its Proprietor, Dr. Avdesh Sharma and was founded by Dr. Avdesh Sharma (Consultant Psychiatrist) and Dr. Sujatha Sharma (Consultant Clinical Psychologist)

Mind Vision has been involved in Awareness, Advocacy, Training and Production of Audio Visual and Print materials and manuals for health in general and mental health in particular. The notable programs, apart from many others, have been:


· ‘MANN KI BAAT’ – Doordarshan and Mind Vision Enterprises have produced a 78 part series entitled ‘MANN KI BAAT’ which has been aired twice/week on its National Channel from 21st July, 2010 onwards. The series is now being aired from 5th May, 2012 onwards on National Channel of Doordarshan on Saturday 8.30 a.m. with repeat telecast on Monday at 8.30 a.m. It has also been nominated for Doordarshan awards. The details are on www.mannkibaat.com

· ‘MINDWATCH’ in 1995-1996 onwards, a 26 episode non-fiction serial on mental health in English of 25 minutes each. The program after being telecast on the National Channel of Doordarshan (potential to reach 250 million), after having run on Metro Channel (telecast to more than 32 major cities and viewer ship of about 
100 million), and having run on India International Channel (telecast to over 60 countries world wide) has been re-telecast thrice on Metro, once on DD Bharati and once on DD India International channels on popular public demand. The series has (2010-2011) been archieved, digitalized, dubbed in eight languages and would be retelecast as an important social service program by Doordarshan Archives. The DVD sets in eight languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Malyalam, Gujrati, Bangla & Oriya is available to general public and NGO’s for educational purposes.

· 6-episode, non-fiction docu-serial, for Doordarshan (India’s first non-fiction, educational series on AIDS, 15 minutes each programs) - ‘KHAMOSH SHATRU’ (Hindi). It dealt with the killer disease AIDS - What it is, its causes and how it spreads, Drugs and HIV, Heterosexuality etc. its manifestations and treatment. It laid emphasis on awareness building and it’s prevention, for the lay public as well as health workers. It has been telecast at prime time on Doordarshan (official channel of Govt. of India with largest potential reach).

· 3-part program ‘AZADI KI ORE’ (Hindi), telecast on DD II, on the strides made in the Health sector in the last 50 years since Independence in India, as a part of special programs made by Doordarshan as a tribute to 50th year of India’s Independence. 

· A Health series for Doordarshan entitled ‘AYUSHMAN BHAV’ (Hindi), telecast on DD II, which dealt in a magazine format some of the major health problems in the country like Tuberculosis, Hypertension, Cancer, Epilepsy etc.

· A special magazine program on Women issues for Doordarshan entitled ‘BETTER HALVES’.

· ‘BODY MIND SOUL’ (Series on Holistic Health) – 4 episodes in English.


· Series ‘FACE TO FACE’ with Brahmakumaris on Values and Spirituality in various wings (Women, Administrators, Politicians, Art & Culture, Medical etc.) of Raj Yoga Education & Research Foundation (RERF).

· Four one-minute spots on AIDS for Dilli AIDS Niyantaran Society, Delhi Govt. involving film personalities — Shahrukh Khan, Kadar Khan & Sharmila Tagore as well as Kapil Dev (Cricket Personality)..

· Spots on ‘STRESS’ for D.A.V.P. and Central Health Education Bureau in 1998.

· ‘AASHA KA DEEPAK’ (Hindi) & ‘HEALING TOUCH’ (English); documentaries showing the activities of ‘Global Hospital & Research Center’, Brahmakumaris, Mount Abu, India, 2004. 

· HEAL YOUR HEART (English) & SWASTH DIL AAPKE HATH (Hindi)– ½ hr. documentary film and 75 mins. film on Heart Diseases for Raj Yoga Education and Research Foundation, 2006 on the Coronary Artery Disease regression program.

· ‘BACHEN AUR BACHAYEN’ (Hindi) Audio series on Malaria for D.A.V.P. and National Malaria Control Program. 

· ‘AASHA KI KIRANE (Hindi) & ‘TOUCHING LIVES’ (English); documentaries showing the activities of ‘Global Hospital & Research Center’, Brahmakumaris, Mount Abu, India, 2011-12.

· ‘Dil Ki Baat (Hindi) & ‘HEART TO HEART’ (English); Films (three hours in Hindi and one hour in English) on the Coronary Artery Disease Regression Program and the experiences of those who have benefited from it (Joint venture of GLOBAL HOSPITAL, ABU & DRDO, DELHI).

· Developed a comprehensive program and manual for training in Mental Health and Substance Abuse for health workers and successfully carried out training programs on mental health for Chief Medical Officers of the entire state of Sikkim, India, 1996.

· ‘STRESS MANAGEMENT & SELF DEVELOPMENT programs for executives and workers. The organizations benefited by the talks and workshops on Stress Management and related behavioral problems are IFFCO, KRIBHCO, FCI, ET&T, SCOPE, ONGC, HIEPA, State Bank of Patiala, British School, Raj Yoga Foundation, DMA, Govt. of Sikkim (IAS & IPS Personnel), DTC, UNFPA(India Staff), etc.

· Trained United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) national staff, India on ‘Living Values for a We Culture’.
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